The TKC US Population Project

TKC logoYou may have heard talk of a project that we are kicking off. We call it the TKC US Population Project and I’m going to tell you a little bit about it. We’re pretty excited!

TKC US Population Project

This idea was born in the Tarantula Keepers Coalition board chat months ago when we were discussing the Sri Lanka Pokie restrictions. Several of the board members have a deep passion for the Poecilotheria genus and had Sri Lankan species breeding projects at the time. We wanted to distribute the spiderlings to other breeders to help ensure they thrive in the United States. Collectively, we decided it would be best to donate the spiderlings to the TKC. We created a program to allow us to ensure the spiderlings we procure be distributed to breeders across the country. We hope to ultimately have at least one breeder in each of the contiguous United States consistently breeding these species.

This project aligns with another project we have in the works, wherein we will be having our stock DNA tested. TKC directors will be paying out-of-pocket to have our Poecilotheria species DNA tested and we will document the whole process.

If the Brazil situation goes as Special Agent Dan Coil suggested (see our interpretation of director Garred Martin’s conversation with Special Agent Coil here), the TKC will also include Brazilian endemics in our US Population Project and do our best to help the United States self-sustain and the species to thrive in the US hobby.

The Breeders

The Tarantula Keepers board of directors will be holding a meeting next week to discuss the email applications we have received. We will then decide who we will be sending spiderlings to. There was an overwhelming response to our Facebook post, receiving more emails than we have spiderlings. We will not be able to send spiderlings to everyone who applied because of this. However, you will remain in our data base for the next time we have Poecilotheria fasciata available. Breeders are responsible for shipping charges. Spiderlings will begin to ship to breeders the 2nd week of April. 

We appreciate the particulation we are seeing in this project. Together, we can keep these species alive and well in the US.

Interested in Donating Spiderlings/Entering a Breeder Contract with the TKC?

If you are a breeder and have Sri Lanken Pokie projects, please keep us in mind when you have spiderlings. The directors intend on donating all our Sri Lanken Poecilotheria spiderlings to the TKC for this project. The TKC is also open to breeding projects so if you have a mature male or mature female of any of the Sri Lanken Poecilotheria and are interested in entering a breeding contract with the TKC, let us know!

Contact us at [email protected] to discuss our program.


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