The Tarantula Keepers Coalition Announcement Regarding Exciting New Partnership with Conservation Biologist in Sri Lanka


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The Tarantula Keepers Coalition Announcement Regarding Exciting New Partnership with Conservation Biologist in Sri Lanka

Bethpage, NY. (January 25, 2019) The Tarantula Keepers Coalition (TKC), a registered non-profit organization dedicated to representing the interests of U.S. breeders and keepers of tarantulas and other arthropods, announced today their partnership with Conservation Biologist, Ranil P. Nanayakkara. The TKC and Nanayakkara share in common a passion for the research and conservation of Sri Lankan species of Mygalomorph spiders.  

“We are excited about this partnership,” says Amy Salinas, one of the directors of the TKC. “Working with Mr. Nanayakkara gives us a direct line to a voice and vision of what it takes to conserve and protect a tarantula species.” This move of the TKC aligns with the organization’s stance that U.S. tarantula breeders and keepers have the freedom to participate in the conservation and education regarding these beloved animals.

Nanayakkara, currently working under the organizational name BEAR (Biodiversity Education And Research) and via University of Kelaniya, Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, adds hefty credentials behind the conservation consultation he provides to TKC. A PhD candidate, Mr. Nanayakkara is a well-published researcher, contributing his work tirelessly to the fields of biogeography, ecology & taxonomy. His fascinating work extends beyond tarantulas into his study of both terrestrial and marine mammals–including squids and whales.

In addition to their aim to learn from Nanayakkara’s wisdom and experience, the TKC hopes to use this information to give back. “Because of Mr. Nanayakkara, we now know where donations are truly needed,” says Salinas speaking in reference to a needed research facility. Nanayakkara is working to research a previously unidentified species of Poecilotheria tarantula. The TKC plans to raise funds to both protect the native habitat of these animals from land clearing and to build a research facility within which this new species can be studied.

In addition to this partnership, the Tarantula Keepers Coalition continues its work towards policy change to expand and protect the capacity of U.S. breeders to lend their expertise in repopulating and conserving tarantulas and other arthropods. For more about their work, please visit

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