Beloved Tarantula Breeder Creates GoFundMe to Rescue Undescribed Species of Tarantulas from Land Clearing in Sri Lanka

Bethpage, NY. (February 12, 2019) The Tarantula Keepers Coalition (TKC), a registered non-profit organization dedicated to representing the interests of U.S. breeders and keepers of tarantulas and other arthropods, launched a new fundraiser featuring one of their directors, Amy Salinas. “We are excited to have Amy helm this particular endeavor,” explained one of Amy’s co-directors, Warren van der Biezen. “Amy loves these animals and people in this community love Amy just the same.”

Salinas is perhaps best known for founding what is undoubtedly one of the most helpful and positive tarantula keeping groups on Facebook. It was her love of educating the masses about tarantulas, and the tarantulas themselves, that brought her to first contact biologist Ranil Nanayakkara. Salinas soon learned that Nanayakkara is working fervently to protect several newly discovered and undescribed species of tarantulas, including the Poecilotheria tarantula (or “Pokie”)–a favorite of Salinas. The TKC previously announced their own partnership with Nanayakkara, last month.

The GoFundMe Campaign seeks to raise $14,000 to accomplish a number of incredible goals. The amount is set to fund purchase of 15 acres of land to protect the land from being cleared and the animals from being killed or displaced. Additionally, the funds will provide for a research facility for Nanayakkara to continue his work researching tarantulas and partnering with local village communities to conserve the native flora and fauna. As a part of this research, Nanayakkara will be able to describe these animals and give them a name.

A personal stretch goal of Salinas is to eventually visit Sri Lanka to observe the species herself. “It’s a dream of mine to take video clips and photos of these animals safe in their home so people can see first-hand the difference their support made.” Although she has no plans for a trip yet, Salinas is content for now to fight for these animals with her friends, across borders.

Supporters of this campaign can visit Help Save Amy’s Pokies at its GoFundMe page. For more information about the TKC, visit the organization’s website