Ranil’s Message to TKC Supporters

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A message from our biologist partner in Sri Lanka; to our wonderful supporters and any concerned individuals

Ranil's Message
Ranil’s Message to TKC Supporters

Please take a moment to consider what our friend is asking of us. If we can raise $7000 by the end of this month (we’re already over $1500!), and the other $7000 by May 20, we can help Ranil secure this land. Imagine a trip to Sri Lanka in 2023 to tour the research station and spend a few days out in the field with Ranil, observing these new species he has discovered. If we help him secure this land, it’s very likely that that could happen.

Mission Statement

“To be the greater voice of the invertebrate keeping community.”


It is our goal to reduce government overreach pertaining to the Lacey Act in regard to the restriction of captive produced invertebrates.


TKC aims to safeguard the unhindered continuation of captive breeding of invertebrates in the United States tarantula community, ensuring threatened or endangered invertebrates will continue to be produced in an effort to teach, repopulate, and conserve.


About us: The Tarantula Keepers Coalition was created by a board of avid and motivated individuals hailing from many interdisciplinary backgrounds; creating a diverse and extremely knowledgeable collaboration. All of our board members are dedicated invertebrate keepers who are anchored into the community, and thus want nothing but the best for the practice as a whole.


The Tarantula Keepers Coalition intends to be an emphatic and assertive force on the behalf of all invertebrate enthusiasts. While we are aware that there are organizations that give our community a voice, and we do plan to unite with said organizations in order to facilitate our goals, we do not feel that a voice significant enough is given; a voice that the community deserves. The voice of the invertebrate keeper will not come second hand, as it often does, channeled through the TKC.


The TKC is an official and recognized not for profit 501(c)3 organization, meaning our corporation is fully operated on donated proceeds, of which we intend to be entirely transparent in our usage of.